Sleeping Baby (part 2)

More progess on my sclupture! My baby is coming along beautifully. I've now finished the face, shoulders and neck. I also made a foot that will be peeking out of the blanket when it is finished. Most of this work was done in about 2 hours (while my family was watching "Rocky 2" last night.) The next step? Adding a shirt, hair and the arm/hand. Check back soon for more!

Sleeping Baby-part 2


Pumpkin carving fun!

Our church is holding a Fall Festival this Saturday night (Halloween) and they're having a pumpkin carving contest. Here's a sneak peek of the pumpkin I finished eariler today. I am thrilled how well it came out! Looks SO cool with the candelight inside!! The words on it read:
"O death, where is your sting? O grave, where is your victory? 1 Cor. 15:55"



Sleeping Baby (part 1)

Okay, here's what I have finished so far on my sculpture...I've made and baked the armature of the body and head of the baby. I also flattened out a peice of white clay which will become the blanket. The next step is to cover the armature with flesh-colored clay. That's when the magic really starts!

Sleeping Baby-part 1


New Sculpture Idea

The other day, my sister asks me if my inspiration comes in my sleep...well, Michelle, I guess sometimes it does! I woke up this morning with this image in my head and just finished sketching it out. My 1 year-old sleeps in such a cute way, I thought it would be neat to have a keepsake of her so we can remember it. Come back soon, I'm planning to post photos of my progress as I work on this sculpture!

Sleeping Baby


Spirit of the Holidays Marketplace 2009

So...this past weekend was the big show in the front of my sister's neighborhood (Norhampton). It went really well! The weather was a bit chilly because of the humidity and lack of sunshine but it was better than being hot and at least there was no rain! Anyways, I sold a little bit of everything and gave out quite a few business cards and flyers! You may even be one of the people who found this site because of this. If so, take a look around....and if your looking to buy a Boudreaux book, check out this site!

I spent a good part of today adding and subtracting from my Scrapbook page, so if you haven't been to in a while, go check it out! (Tons of great pics of the loves of my life!)


Welcome to my new website!

Thanks to my husband Matthew, I now have an awesome new website! Soon I'll have a shopping cart with all of my artwork and crafts. I'll also be able to post more blog updates, so please visit back often!

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